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Lanzinger, however, rejected the idea of NDP governments awarding overly generous contracts to unions that provide campaign donations. After months of negotiations, an interim agreement was reached in December, but McKay warned at the time that the province`s bargaining mandate for public service employees prevented the union from negotiating beyond a 2% annual increase. “Our members have sent a clear message and we will be speaking to our members in the coming days to discuss next steps,” Doug McKay, the union`s director of business, said in a statement. Saturday, the president of the teachers` union. C, Glen Hansman, the first president of a public sector union in B.C. said this year that he would soon try to increase the salaries of its members. The union represents more than 2,000 BC Hydro artisans who have been out of contract since the beginning of April 2019. The union representing BC Hydro`s electricity workers refused a preliminary agreement with municipal services, opening the door to possible work steps. However, negotiations for many unions will begin well before this budget is released. “We won`t set our (negotiation) goals until the fall, but it might be fair to think that, given the accessibility issues in British Columbia, the pay will be very high,” he told delegates at the union`s annual general meeting. Global News sought the advice of McKay and the union. “We are committed to continuing to work with IBEW management on an agreement,” said BC Hydro.

The collective agreement of B.C. doctors also expires. “This was not our experience in collective bargaining in the public sector… We know that sometimes there are restrictions on money, so there is a reality that needs to be addressed. But honest and honest and fair trials will lead to agreement and, hopefully, improvements for public servants,” she said. Almost all of the province`s major public sector unions have their renewal contracts in 2019, including nurses and other health workers, teachers and school officials, public servants and employees at ICBC and BC Hydro. “Expectations will be high among unionized workers because they have a friendlier government in Victoria, but that involves very high expenses, and it is a government that will be careful in this kind of thing.