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SIGNED, SEALED, AND DELIVERED by ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________dieser _________ Tag von __________________, ________.________________________________Solicitor der Senior Courts of England and WalesSolicitor es Name: ____________________Solicitor es Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Der Verkäufer lehnt ausdrücklich jegliche la tacit guarantee of adequacy to a given purpose and any tacit guarantee of market ability. The seller expressly refuses any express guarantee or other tacit guarantee. WORK COMMANDE: Any guarantee of the condition or order of operation of the vehicle is expressly excluded by the seller. MANUFACTURER`S WARRANTY: Any clause of liability of the seller in this sales invoice does not in any way affect the terms of the applicable warranties of the vehicle manufacturer. Liabilitiesability: The seller does not support, nor does the seller authorize another person on behalf of the seller to consider the seller, a liability related to the sale or delivery of the vehicle. To use this agreement, fill in as much detail as possible in advance (the model is in Microsoft Word format), then print two copies, one for you and one for the other part. A vehicle sales invoice or car sales contract is an agreement under which a vehicle is sold. It records the transaction between the seller and the buyer and describes the terms of the transfer of ownership of the vehicle. If none of these payment options are applicable, you can also indicate that you are closing the sale with a cheque, PayPal or other viable payment method.

Sellers should secure the payment before handing over the keys to the buyer. The sale invoice for the vehicle should be signed when the vehicle passes from the buyer`s owner to the buyer, usually after receiving the full payment from the buyer. The problem with this type of agreement is that there is no record of what has been agreed. If the buyer returned six months later (perhaps with an actual complaint), one of the parties could argue that important information was withheld (or not) at the time of the sale and recover money. A sales voucher, also known as proof of sale or proof of sale, is used in a transaction between two parties. It transfers ownership of personal property from one person to another. The indication, in a car sales contract, that the vehicle is “sold as seen” – or on a “as intended” basis – ensures that the seller is not responsible for defects or damage related to the vehicle. EN ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________WIRD ci-dessus, le ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________