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EU programmes allowing Kosovo to participate at the time of the signing of the agreement on Kosovo`s participation in EU programmes. It takes Kosovo into account to participate in certain EU programmes and sets out the conditions for such participation, such as integration within the framework of economic and fiscal supervision, as well as the requirement to meet standards and make an appropriate financial contribution. This framework makes Kosovo eligible for participation in certain EU projects as part of the activation of the second phase of the Pre-accession Aid Instrument (IAP II) and the strengthening of the process initiated by the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Kosovo, which came into force on 1 April 2016. Competitiveness, innovation, agriculture and rural development Comment to access subsidies for aid instruments ex… Subsidies for projects to support the development and consolidation of the… Increase the competitiveness of agriculture and food production and raise food safety standards; Improving living standards in rural communities, building a rural economy resistant to climate change. International cooperation: how to obtain EU grants from … Subsidies for measures to improve the functioning of the common European asylum system… Improving the functioning of the labour market Raising education standards Promote skills development Restructuring the social system.

Public service reform (improved reliability, transparency, accountability); More efficient delivery of public services Creating democratic institutions, strengthening existing democracy (local government, assembly, independent oversight bodies). During this period, funding should contribute to achieving all of the results mentioned in the following priority areas: Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Integration The objective of assistance under the Pre-Accession Assistance Programme (IAP) is to help candidate countries and potential candidate countries and territories make progress in full compliance with Copenhagen`s political and economic criteria. , as well as in the adoption and implementation of the EU acquis. Actions with several beneficiaries will complement and enhance the assistance provided under national programmes. Designing and implementing competition policies; provision of public services that meet the needs of the private sector. Indicative allocation for the period 2014-2020: EUR 602.1 million for the reform of the energy sector in order to deal with major health and environmental problems; Ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply Increased use of renewable energy alignment with EU energy legislation. Subsidies for projects aimed at improving the effectiveness of prevention systems, grants for projects aimed at continuing the development of a European judicial area in… Subsidies for information and promotion campaigns on EU agricultural products, … Grants for projects that aim to create an area where Hyuman`s equality and rights… How will these priorities be implemented? (general context of the IAP).

. Subsidies to promote greater economic integration within ASEAN and strengthen the… Subsidies for environmental and climate projects To improve regional and neighbourhood relations through cross-border cooperation programmes.