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Call us at 615.678.7983 to arrange a tour of our facility or rent storage space for your classic car, exotic car, motorcycle or other vehicle. My chords were plan and simple. The car is detached from the road for a period of 1 month. During this month, you can remove the vehicle to take it from the accommodation for work. Storage does not mean safe parking, it is a vehicle for parking that is not often used less than once a month. It is also important that your car is covered and protected from dust and rust that are sensitive to build-up if you do not invest in proper preventative maintenance during long-term storage. Our employees are also automotive experts and can keep an eye on your vehicle and the services needed to keep it in a higher condition. Examples of these services are: A list of things to do before storing your old car or other vehicle in Dallas Car Storage is in our vehicle storage requirements. In addition to caring on Long Island, Motorcar Classics offers concierge services such as maintenance, professional retail, after-sales accessories and competition preparation. Our home retail specialists offer a wide range of services ranging from bottom washing and wax to the contact airline of ceramic coating and color correction.

We also send and receive cars nationally and worldwide for customers with multiple residences, and we look forward to the opportunity to present cars on the most prestigious events on behalf of our customers. We`ve discussed the benefits of long-term vehicle storage in previous blogs, so let`s summarize the best benefits here: your car is important to you – and we`ll treat it accordingly! Here, in the safe, our employees are both car enthusiasts and automotive experts, so your vehicle is in good hands. This is not always the case in other storage facilities, especially when it comes to self-storage. With the latter, it`s up to you and you to check your car and make sure it stays in perfect condition. It can be exhausting and tedious! Motorcar Classics is home to New York`s top-rated exotic and classic car warehouses. Conveniently located between New York and the Hamptons, our 20,000 square metre complex is located on 380 Smith Street in Farmingdale, NY. Motorcar Classics is a New York State Dealership and licensed automotive warehouse that offers warehouses of exotic and classic cars at competitive prices every month or year. Our fully insured and closed facility is always clean and air-conditioned, as well as by experienced automotive specialists. With storage customers ranging from celebrities to wealthy car enthusiasts, privacy and vehicle maintenance are a top priority. If you opt for Motorcar Classics as a truck warehouse, you can be sure that your vehicle will be treated with the utmost care.