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Mr. Subd. 23. Ask, place or negotiate a residential mortgage.  ”Ask, place or negotiate a residential mortgage” means that a residential home loan is compensated or profitable or indirectly, whether directly or indirectly, accepting or accepting a residential mortgage application, helping a borrower apply for a residential mortgage or negotiating or proposing the terms of a residential mortgage with a lender on behalf of a borrower. Mr. Subd. 28. Negative amortization.

 ”Negative amortization” occurs when the borrower`s compliance with a repayment option, in accordance with the terms of the residential mortgage, is not sufficient to cover the interest on the loan, resulting in an increase in the loan balance.  Negative amortization does not occur when a residential mortgage is contracted, subsidized or guaranteed by a state, tribal government or local or non-profit organization, and supports one or more of the following non-standard payment terms that significantly benefit the borrower: payments vary according to income;  Capital and interest payments are deferred until the maturity date of the loan or sale of the residence;  Capital or interest may be paid under certain conditions;  or if there is no interest or an annual rate of 2% or less under the loan. Mr. Subd. 9. Exempted person.  ”exempt person,” a person exempt from the conditions of authorization for the country where the mortgage originated and a person exempt from the conditions of authorization for residential mortgage services.