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A recent survey showed that only 7% of homeowners agree to smoke tenants in their rented buildings, but they still smoke more than 1 in 5 of the population. Are the owners missing a chance? Well, before making hasty decisions, owners of multi-occupancy homes might consider the same study that showed that smoking tenants are not very popular with their roommates – certainly to convince a judge to evict a tenant for this type of breach of contract, you should collect evidence that they smoked on the site. which can be difficult, if not impossible. You can`t drag a judge for a good cold, so if you don`t have testimonials from neighbors complaining about the smell of smoke, or maybe a photo of ashtrays overflowing into the premises or the tenant with a pedal in hand, you probably won`t succeed. In this context, we should add an optional clause to our free rental agreement or have as a standard a non-smoking clause in the agreement. Please post your views below or complete the survey on the owners` forum or join the discussion on our Property Hawk Facebook page. As a smoker, I completely agree with the non-smoker in the building, etc., but I have a question. If there are no smoke-free signs on a community roof that has only one tenant on that floor (but is not on that side of the roof, so it wouldn`t be affected by passive smoke), is it an open area, so no ceiling or fences that would prevent smoke from escaping, would it be allowed? Just in time! If you rent, this is your efficient home and you should be free to use it according to your wishes while behaving legally. My partner rents privately and renovates every six months. The furniture is his so should not matter to the owner or rental agent.

Rental agents are meticulous in respecting their leases, as they are paid for it. However, a semi-annual letter from them threatening to be evicted after a property check is extremely stressful for him. Councils do not have non-smoking clauses (except in common areas) and the private sector should not be allowed to do so either. Smokers also have to live somewhere! You could try to evict them on the grounds that they have breached one of the terms of their lease, but for that, you would need to get a property order from a court. Landlords may also want their tenants to sign a supplement if they suspect that tobacco or cannabis products have recently been used on the site and that the lease is currently silent on whether smoking is permitted. In these days of human rights law, do landlords have the right to prevent their tenants from smoking in their rental property? Well, the short answer is – yes. You`re kidding?!!! I have asthma, which is due to the fact that I lived in a smoking house when I was a child and smoke can cause a serious reaction! It stinks too, people smoke in public spaces and it`s just dirty. We cannot be held by a few ransoms who think they can do whatever they want. It turned out that smoking causes cancer and other health conditions, and it always hurts me to see someone smoking and push a child into a stroller. Another smoker does it to someone who has no choice.

This legislation, which came into force on 1 July 2007, means that smoking is not permitted in collective accommodation areas that may include kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, entrances and toilets. These are the areas that are open to all residents and cleaners when they are contractually required to perform tasks inside the grounds. All owners of HMOs, flatshares, must display the correct indications and signs in accordance with the rules of non-smoking. It therefore seems that smoking tenants are not appreciated by the majority of landlords and their tenants. That`s a great idea. As a non-smoker who suffers from serious problems due to secondary cancer that causes smoke fumes from abominable people directly upon entering my residence, I suggested it to my landlord.