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“This proposed `convention` is reminiscent of self-de-integration. There is essentially an essential control of the civil and economic life of about 2 million Oklahomans to five tribal governments in exchange for … Nothing. “The elephant in the room is that the attorney general does not have the power to negotiate agreements in accordance with the state, because that power is conferred by the Constitution and the status of the governor. And the attorney general is also the biggest recipient of campaign donations from the tribal governments of Oklahoma by far. A broad and vague agreement, concluded behind closed doors between a politician and his campaign donors, led by participating politicians without significant authority, is not a recipe for good public policy. “To give just one example: the GA agreement grants tribes civil jurisdiction for non-members of the tribe when the `behaviour` of non-members threatens `the self-management of the tribes or the economic security, health or well-being of the tribe`. It`s a huge loophole that could affect the people of Oklahoma. OCPA how on AG-tribal agreement on McGirt v. Oklahoma Labor and Trades Collective Bargaining Agreement – FY 19-20 Final Labor and Trades Collective Bargaining Agreement – FY 19-20 Change CopyLabor and Trades Collective Bargaining Agreement – Summary of Amendments FOP Collective Bargaining Agreement FY19-20 Signed Copy Final FOP Collective Bargaining Agreement FY19-20 Change Copy The City of Tulsa has the following Collective Bargaining Agreements/MOU`s in place with the respective bargaining units.

Full-time regular workers are entitled to health, dental, visual and life insurance on the first day of the month following hiring. The spouse of a salaried worker and dependants up to the age of 26 are also entitled to coverage. Full-time regular workers are entitled to a reimbursement of education for all classes taught as part of a bachelor`s degree with the minimum “C” grade. With the agreement of the City Manager, employees can obtain a refund for all classes that graduate with a minimum “B” grade. The total reimbursement is determined by tuition fees provided by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Standard. . Regular full-time employees can voluntarily contribute to the OMRF Defined Contribution (Thrift) plan. The city contributes 1/2 to 2% of after-tax contributions and is calculated after tax deduction. Staff can also make additional contributions to the plan up to the maximum amount set by the IRS. Several options are available for investment purposes and staff have five (5) years of service, both in their own contributions and in the city`s. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees The City of Owasso offers the option to use pre-tax expense accounts by payroll deduction.

Under this option, eligible insurance premiums (including health, dentistry and vision) are a-pocket medical expenses (i.e.: