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Here are some comments from our PM and sales meetings at Renmark: “Direct and clear” … “Very informative – it was worth a visit” “Excellent information – very clear and relevant” “Great and fun” “Love the session!!!” Join us next Tuesday at the Whyalla for our pm and sales sessions – PMAP Principle Sessions! The spots are limited, so sign up today:…/2020-the-reisa-regional-tour-why… The seller must provide the seller with a copy of the agreement immediately after signing. Be sure to maintain it, as this is an important written record of the contract you have approved. “We will be more interested in the head of the agency, the growth of his business and the provision of opportunities, benefits and services that have not yet been offered.” For your Monday reading, read Paul Edwards` latest tips, REISA`s Legislation and Policy Advisor as part of his fourteen-day series at Adelaide Advertiser – If you allow a tenant with a pet following a request, you will need a pet contract. Read more here – you should also carefully check the lease to check for possible exclusions in the terms and conditions. Your landlord may have ruled out connectors, which means he is not responsible for the operation of these connectors before entering the property. “Our goal is to identify as many real estate agents, whether they are real estate managers or sellers, as members, and hopefully have an institution that looks at them and says it causes me a lot,” he said. Check out the August calendar here – – and book today. ✏️, August 20 – Distribution Agency Agreements ✏️ August 25 – Equal Opportunity and PM Plus from Fairlie via our new CEO, new Board of Directors and ambitious vision for 2021 here: ✏️ SEPTEMBER CALENDAR IS NOW LIVE ✏️ Our meetings have never been more fruitful.