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Note: Notary fees do not take into account the cost of a mortgage or starting a business if you want to acquire the property in this way (for more information in step 6). A sales agreement is what can generally be understood as a sales contract, because there is a clear bilateral commitment. Whatever your reason, the sums you have paid must in any case be fully reimbursed to you. This withdrawal period begins the day following the manual delivery (or the signing of the deed if it is kept by the notary) in the case of an authentic sales contract or the first presentation of the registered letter containing the pre-contract, in case of private signature. When a business is used for the purchase of the property, the buyer who signed the preliminary contract with his own name replaces his business, which means that the contract is exempt from tax. Once you have signed one of the two forms of contract, you are required to purchase the property, subject to all conditions that may be included in the contract and the expiration of the 10-day “cooling-off period”. Are you about to sign a pre-contract? This is called the “preliminary contract”. The preliminary contract and the sales contract are two contracts with different consequences for buyers and sellers. This final act shall be signed in the presence of all the parties. Sellers and buyers meet their respective notaries and the real estate agent. The fine points of the conditions of sale are underlined, then the documents are signed by both parties and attested by the notaries.

Trusts are not recognized in France. When the buyer is the shareholder of a company in France or Monaco, the purchase is often made through his company. Under the contract, the owner agrees to sell to the buyer and the buyer in turn agrees to buy from the owner, subject to any conditions that may be set out in the contract. We are always surprised to see how the final decision to sell/buy a property worth several hundred thousand euros can fall back on the question of whether or not the stove or carpets are included in the price. Whether it is a sales contract or a pre-contract, buyers and sellers can decide by mutual agreement to add suspensive clauses. These make it possible to foresee the nullity of the pre-contract if certain events were to occur before the final sale (each of the parties regains its freedom). A main precautionary measure is to add to the offer to purchase the conditions precedent (e.g.B. obtaining a loan) and give the seller only a short time (a week or fifteen days) to give you his answer. To avoid any ambiguity, it is better to establish an inventory and add it to the sales contract. To be valid, the sales contract must be notified to the tax office within ten days of its signature. .

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