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Victims` site 87113 Type of phishing fraud, under the pretext of “activating a service contract” for your “VEHICLE”. They do not have information about their own vehicle, nor do they provide real or useful information about what they are “selling”, as far as coverage options or prices are concerned. It starts with: “Our statements show that you have not contacted us to activate a transport service contract.” The most disturbing thing is that I navigated to their website to get the “Contact” link, to warn them, to remove myself from their list, just to find that I cannot submit the request, unless I give them the following additional information: name, email, phone, vehicle position, vehicle model, vehicle-kilometre stand, “Cover ID # (letter). B2C customers have a slightly lower expect that warranty coverage or service agreement prices will be negotiable due to product standardization and sales volumes. However, during COVID-19, we have seen that service providers are offering incentives, such as for example. B deep discounts at the time of termination of the contract by the user online, by chat or call center. Flexibility and empathy in these challenging times are appreciated by consumers. To provide the required level of performance, while automatically generating the associated billing and billing entries, several service contract approaches should be considered: would you extend a contract that your ISP did not fulfill during the terms of your last contract? This is unlikely. Have you received a service contract program? Here`s what to do > My name is Soren.