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I made a mistake in cut it and wrote the right date. Is it okay or do I have to make a new deal? My ilp membership date is 02.09.2019, but I accidentally made the service agreement date into a 22.08.2019…Is that cause problems??? Answer me quickly.. Thank you very much. Is it necessary to type and fill in all the agreements or is it enough in writing? Instead of having a pen in the service agreement, I write the spaces with the necessary data. Can I know this as a problem with TCS? Is it normal that the spaces are entered instead of writing with a pencil in the service approval without changing the format? If I opt for the FD. All I need to do is print the first page of the service contract on the loan paper, except for the part of the guarantee. On the right? Instead of entering it as a service contract, the person entered it in the description in the form of a service contract, that`s correct, ??? Where can I find the format of the medical certificate and service contract as well as the warranty verification form? we must fill our name with the whole initial of the Srvice agreement? Example: As ch.lakshmi, we need to expand the ch here I have the first page of the service contract with should it be printed? I did not write a number of pages in the service contract. Will this be a problem at the time of accession? You mentioned that the guarantee may be subject to income tax or property tax. If the security guard is the one who owns the country, what evidence should be appended to the service contract. Please let me know, sir, in the e-cachet service agreement, I did the first part like me and the second part as TCS, but in one of the FAQs said that the first party should be TCS and the second part should be employed…..

I did the same in NCA AFFIDAVIT, GAP AFFIDAVIT and BIRTH AFFIDAVIT. PLEASE HELP.. I`m in trouble.. Sir, I received a guarantee from an income tax beneficiary and that is my neighbour. So I can fill in the relationship as an empty neighbor?and after receiving the sign of the guarantee, is it enough to get a certificate from a nationalized bank manager on the computer returns and the pan card and on the last page of the service contract? I purchased the stamp paper for the service contract and not Criminal Affidavit on behalf of TCS. Later, I only learned that it had to be purchased in my name (according to the TCS -ILP FAQ). But my notary said it wouldn`t be a problem. Is this acceptable or do I need to buy a new stamp paper? Instead of being able to type it as a service contract, the person entered it in the description as a service contract, that`s correct, ??? Is a certificate with the CAS required or is it acceptable for the notary and certificate to be required for the service contract? Sir, I have a parent who is retired.