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However, priority is given to the terms of your lease, which may require a special termination period in the event of non-renewal of the contract. Leases between landlords and tenants must be registered by the competent authority in each emirate. Registration of rental contracts is mandatory to combine the services required for rental accommodation. These include water, electricity, gas and telecommunications services. For example, Dubai`s rental fee stipulates that no rent increase is allowed if the current rent of the property is up to 10% lower than the average rent of similar units, while a 5% increase is allowed if the current rent is between 11% and 20% lower than the average rent. The rental agreement is written in English and Arabic, in accordance with local laws and customs on a Microsoft Word file and is fully editable in each part. In fact, clauses can be processed, added and removed depending on the specific needs of tenants and landlords. Violation of the Dubai lease is only possible if both parties agree, unless they otherwise agree. This means that the term of the contract is automatically extended by the same duration or one year, depending on the lowest value if the tenant continues to reside in the property without any objection from the owner. All the specific conditions, in addition to the standard terms of the lease, are attached to the contract in the form of an endorsement that clearly defines all obligations individually agreed by both parties. RERA regulates the entire Dubai real estate sector and regulates rental rules.

Under the Ejari system, a new system of leases has been developed and it is imperative that all leases are registered in the system. Once you have prepared the lease in Dubai, the parties will have to sign it in front of a witness in order to honour the validity of the contract. The Dubai State Department considers the following groups of people as official signatories to dubai leases: As with any other modification of the Dubai lease, the landlord must notify the tenants of any expected rent increase at least 90 days before the contract expires. The tenant may accept or refuse the increase with a delay of at least 60 days before the renewal date in the event of a refusal. Before signing the pea line for your dubai lease, it is important to familiarize yourself with RERA rental rules. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency `RERA` rent laws govern rights and obligations and the relationship between tenants and landlords in Dubai. The standard Dubai lease covers the following aspects: In order to ensure the correct registration and monitoring of leases in the Emirate, RERA uses the Ejari system.