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She declined to comment further. Needless to say, the college has presented four strategies to escape insolvency after conducting two financial audits since August. This allowance is in addition to the wage increases indexed in the previous agreement. This is the first time that an enterprise agreement in the Australian tertiary sector has linked salary to individual performance. The university still owns 49 percent of the university and is understood to have the same weight on its board of directors. A spokeswoman did not respond to concrete questions about the university`s plans, but said she appreciated alternative ways of getting students into higher education and was “committed to creating those opportunities.” Carol Drew has been teaching at the university for 20 years, but said the first to hear about her financial difficulties was at the April meeting. At the same time, a Commonwealth cap on national university places has been filtered to college, she said. The college, which is now majority owned by the private operator Navitas, offers graduate programs for national and international students. Director and Director Jo Asquith said the college was reviewing “all aspects of its business model to create and secure a long-term future.” Management has requested voluntary redundancies and negotiations between companies and employees have been delayed as the college considers its options. The union is now calling on Navitas, the university and the ACT government to act quickly to secure the future of the college.

A Navitas spokeswoman did not respond to questions about the university`s finances, staff or enrolments, but said about half of the current students were in the country. The University of Canberra feeder university could be insolvent within months, as revealed by management as a staff corset for layoffs. According to internal figures presented to staff, teaching costs currently absorb 48 per cent of the university`s revenues, a figure that management believes was higher than a sample of other comparable providers. Staff at UC College were told that the university was in the red and that there were layoffs. Carol Drew has been teaching at the university for over 20 years. Photo of Karleen Minney “These are the boys my heart really goes. They have new mortgages and new babies. “We support open and transparent communication with our employees and have initiated formal consultations with the union and staff. “There has been a breakthrough in making the workforce more flexible across the sector,” Drew said. But at the National Tertiary Education Union, Rachel Bachl said there was more to see than the drop in the number of students. The agreement supports the objectives of the university`s strategic plan and maintains and improves the generous employment conditions at the university. The new agreement, approved by the majority of university staff and certified by the Fair Work Commission, contains other important changes, including Higher Education Minister Meegan Fitzharris, who said the government had not yet been addressed on the issue.