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While Capulett`s sudden change of heart seems arbitrary — it doesn`t explain why the marriage needs to take place so quickly — the decision reflects his authoritarian and impetuous nature, which undoubtedly fueled the feud well. Her language also indicates a shift from parental concern for her daughter`s emotional maturity to consideration of her material comfort and social status. Capulett`s confidence that Juliet will obey his will and agree to marry Paris contrasts sharply with her behavior in Act I, Scene 2. At the masked ball, he told Paris that he would only accept the game if Juliette agreed. Now, her assurances in Paris about her conscientious daughter`s observance are dramatically ironic, as Juliet has already defied her father`s authority after marrying Romeo earlier in the day. In fact, the older generation is clearly disconnected when Juliet finishes her marriage to Romeo upstairs, while Capulet offers her hand to Paris. The conflict between parents and children, youth and old age is explored in more detail in this scene where Julia`s father suddenly decides to marry Paris as soon as possible. While Brother Laurence tried to use the wisdom of his years to encourage the young and impetuous Romeo to be patient and sacrifice his time until he could claim his fiancée, Juliet`s father here makes hasty plans for his daughter`s future. This is a clear direction for everyone who plays Julia. In Shakespeare`s time, the actors` company worked without a director, so clues like this would have helped them stage the play. How were you able to stage this moment? Mark yourself, take note of what I say; pay attention. Dream, you waste space! Disobedient misery! I`ll tell you what to do: you go to church on Thursday, or I`ll never look at you again: don`t say anything now or don`t answer. My hands make me itch to hit something.

The scene begins with Lady Capulet telling Juliet that Lord Capulet arranged her marriage to Paris in four days. Juliette refuses to marry and her father threatens to deny her. Juliette asks her mother to help her, but she refuses and leaves Juliette to the nurse, who also tries to convince her to marry Paris. Lady Capulet says a few things to contradict her husband in this scene. Why do you think she no longer defends Julia? How does she feel in this scene? Juliet with Lord and Lady Capulet in the 2010 production of Romeo and Juliet. I am not proud that you arranged this marriage, but I am grateful to you. I can`t be proud of something I don`t agree with. But I`m grateful that it was made out of love. This is a big change from Capulet in Act 1 Scene 2, where he tells Paris that Julia`s feelings will be part of his decision. What has changed in Capulet?. kept him carefree and thought little of him, neglected his memory. Like his wife, Capulet strives for his daughter to marry successfully.

In this scene, he ostensibly addresses Paris with a series of titles that emphasize the social superiority of Paris: “Sir Paris”, “Noble Comte” and “Mon Seigneur”. Paris is a relative of the prince and would bring Capulet`s son-in-law, Capulett, more wealth and status. Capulet would never be able to understand, let alone accept, a marriage for Julia based solely on love. Capulet sends his servant to deliver invitations to the party. However, the servant cannot read and is looking for someone to help him. He meets Romeo and Benvolio in the street and, without realizing that they are Montagues, asks them to read the invitation aloud. After the servant leaves, Benvolio suggests to Romeo to attend Capulett`s feast in disguise. He believes that this will be an opportunity for Romeo to meet other young women and forget Rosaline. What do you know about Shakespeare`s Romeo and Juliet? This section will guide you step by step through the room and help you identify important action points.

Late Monday night, Capulet and Paris discuss how Julia`s grief over Tybalt`s death prevented Paris from suing for Juliet. .