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Temporary or temporary accommodations (such as those provided by hotels and motels) that are normally provided simultaneously for periods of less than 28 days; and it is necessary, for the management of the landlord`s business where the tenant was employed, to recruit a replacement within 14 days and not to have other suitable accommodation for the replacement worker during the 14-day period. the Tribunal is satisfied that, given the nature of the lease, the terms of the lease, the interests of the parties and all other relevant circumstances of the case, inconsistency, exclusion, amendment or limitation should be admitted. A rent of pension is not attributable by a tenant. Subject to the Tribunal`s instructions, no leasing agent may have or exercise obligations, duties or powers relating to pending litigation before the Tribunal. Gives the tenant (or, if the room is rented to more than one tenant, a room tenant), at least 24 hours before entry, a notice of entry corresponding to Section 66S; and the hosting company must provide services to students who are housed in premises that go beyond the services that a lessor must provide under Part 2 or 2A. All proceedings initiated before that date under the tenancy agreement can be continued and concluded as if this law had not been adopted: it is up to the person to prove the assertion by proving that the rent does not exceed 50% of the reasonable rent of the building. within the 12-month period set by the district court – if the court decides on a hearing, it can hold the hearing in a manner that the court deems appropriate (including by telephone or videoconference). Section 5, paragraph 1, point b bis): inserted on 1 December 1996 (excluding leases that began before that date) by Section 3, paragraph 2, of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 1996 (1996 No. 7).

The lease was awarded in violation of the subsection (2A); and in the subsection (1) (tb), replaceable housing means a structure (other than a tent) that, regardless of all subsection inseminations 2) and (3) – the fact that a rental bicycle juror is in a given location is conclusive evidence that the arbiter of the rental wheel is entitled to do so and that the exercise of jurisdiction or authority by a rental judge is not justifiable. that the rental judge is not entitled to exercise the jurisdiction of the court where the rental judge exercised jurisdiction or jurisdiction.