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In Germany, they perform two functions. The first is the participation by which the works councils elect the members of the German business board. The second is called participation and means that corporate committees must be consulted on specific issues and have the right to submit proposals to management. [12] One of the councils` most impressive achievements is the establishment of an incredibly harmonious relationship between management and workers, which leads to a strong unionist situation and an incredibly low strike rate. [13] This also allows for a great deal of coordination between the company and the workers, which results, for example, in many German companies drastically reducing the working time of each worker without significant redundancies during the 2008 financial crisis, and then slowly decreasing when the recovery is effective. This has been supported by partial unemployment, a fund that helps workers whose working hours have been reduced. [14] The best way to achieve these objectives is to create a business committee (“Corporate Committee”). Each year, the SC meets three periodic meetings and the ERC meets twice in plenary session (including the training of delegates). The head of the HR group and organization officer and the EBR Relation-Labour Network are participating in these meetings and the group`s management will participate in the June plenary session.

In addition to regular meetings, additional meetings and ad hoc working group meetings on specific topics (e.g. B digitization) can be organised during the year. In 2019, 11 meetings were held between the ERC and the parent company over a total of 22 days. The parent company sets the agenda for meetings in consultation with the ERC Secretary, who may also propose other topics to discuss during the meetings. Part of the agenda always contains updates on specific issues, such as the . B on human resources, which are of particular interest to the ERC. The group also shares strategic issues with the ERC, such as . B new forms of work organization due to the technological and digital transformation underway.

In this context, a joint declaration on telework was signed in 2017, followed by a declaration on diversity and integration in 2019.In exceptional circumstances, which have a significant impact on the interests of workers in at least two countries, and additional meetings are convened to update and consult the SC and delegates from the countries concerned. In these cases, the parent company and the selected committee cooperate to exchange information and advice. The selected committee may make non-binding decisions on the group`s actions and decisions. The European Works Councils were created in part in response to the strengthening of transnational restructuring by the Single European Act. They provide workers` representatives from all European countries, in large multinationals, with a direct line of communication with top management.