Child Custody and Family Matter Investigations

Child Custody and Family Matter Investigations


We do not currently provide traditional surveillance services.  Our firm has moved on to online intelligence gathering and reporting.  We provide social media investigations, background checks, and online presence investigations that in a lot of cases are more effective than costly traditional surveillance services. What we can yield in hours or a day’s took weeks or maybe months using traditional surveillance services.

How can a Private Investigator help when it comes to Child Custody Issues or a Divorce Matter you may have?

 Background Checks: We receive many requests for background checks in custody matters, particularly when a new person is involved in your child’s life.  These people may include a boyfriend or girlfriend, nanny or childcare provider, or new friends your spouse may have in their life and ongoing criminal charges or history.

Pending Court Cases or Court Orders:  All too often when a divorce takes place a parent may take to the use of alcohol or drugs; or that may have been the reason for the divorce in the first place.  Often our clients request a check of social media activity of their ex-spouse to aid their attorney in the process.

Asset or Income Reporting:  Some common asset searches look for property, vehicle ownership or new purchases, county or federal (IRS) civil lawsuit settlements, as well as ownership in a business.  The employment aspect of the case is often very important.  Asset check can often report large amounts of unreported income through jobs like construction, hair cutting/styling, landscaping, childcare, computer repair, marketing, graphic design, sales online/store (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Pampered Chef, etc.) and more.

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