Child Custody and Family Matter Investigations

Child Custody and Family Matter Investigations


How can a Private Investigator help when it comes to Child Custody Issues or a Divorce Matter you may have?


Background Checks: We receive many requests for background checks in custody matters, particularly when a new person is involved in your child’s life.  These people may include a boyfriend or girlfriend, nanny or child care provider, or new friends your spouse may have in their life.

Pending Court Cases or Court Orders:  All too often when a divorce takes place a parent may take to the use of alcohol or drugs; or that may have been the reason for the divorce in the first place.  Often our clients request a check of their ex-spouse to make sure they are not returning to their old habits or developing new ones.  Making sure a ex is with your children during a visit and not leaving them alone with someone else during their visitation is a common request.  These items can be documented to present to the court by you or your attorney.  Also, the court may order a parent not to drink when they are in the custody of your child, making sure this is adhered to is not only very important to your case, but to the safety of your child.

Surveillance in a Family Law Case:  Surveillance is not only used in cheating spouse cases anymore.  It can help to determine if a parent is adhering to the court orders and terms of their visitation.  It can also show if they are working where they say they are or not documenting income, or to prove co-habitation in an alimony case or custody issues.

Asset or Income Reporting:  Some common asset searches look for property, hidden bank/brokerage accounts, vehicle ownership or new purchases, county or federal (IRS) civil lawsuit settlements, as well as ownership in a business.  The employment aspect of the case is often very important.  A discreet surveillance or asset check can often report large amounts of unreported income through jobs like construction, hair cutting/styling, landscaping, child care, computer repair, marketing, graphic design, sales online/store (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Pampered Chef, etc.) and more.

Welfare Checks During Visitation:  All too often the courts will grant visitation to a parent that has had a questionable past.  Doing a spot check or a surveillance in a public place can make sure your child is safe, confirm visitation location, and that your spouse is following orders set forth by the court for your child’s safety.  This not only gives you peace of mind, but can also give you valuable documentation if the court order is breeched.

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