Criminal Defense Investigator

Criminal Defense Investigator

Top Reasons You Need A Criminal Defense Investigator


Who Will Look At Things From Your Point Of View?

When an “incident” happens and the police arrive and they will start their investigation.  The police will interview witnesses with their fresh memory, collect evidence, and take photos.  Now what?  Its time to hire a good private Attorney and a Criminal Defense Investigator.  Why you might ask.  A Criminal Defense Investigator will look at things and document your case with witness statements, evidence, and photos that are defense-friendly.  Something the states attorney will be sure to leave out.

Another Look At Your Case

A Criminal Defense Investigator will be looking for holes in the states case.  A good investigator will help with a possible defense, case theories, digital forensics and a new perspective on your case.

Interviewing & Digging Up Dirt On That Witness or Victim

You can bet the states witness or alleged victim will look squeaky clean.  More times than not these people have things in their past or acts that will poke holes in the states defense.  A good Criminal Defense Investigator will be tasked with digging up this dirt on the States Witness. They can also be essential to locating witnesses and interviewing them for a defense-friendly case.

Locating That Key Defense-Friendly Witness

A trial it is very intimidating.  You can be sure the State Attorney will have 10-20 witness lined up along with law enforcement officers.  How many witnesses will you have in your corner?  This is something a Criminal Defense Investigator can help with.  They have resources and the know-how to locate those defense-friendly witnesses the States Attorney will surely leave out.

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