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Field Contact

A Field Contact is a specific service request where a personal visit is made to a borrower’s residence or place of employment to assist with re-establishing contact between the creditor and borrower.  The role of this service is to act as the eyes and ears of the creditor and gathering data important to reducing loan losses.


Property Inspections and Occupancy Verifications

To meet the growing demands of the servicing industry, South Dakota Professional Services now offers a Property Inspection and Occupancy Verification service.  This provides clients with a snapshot of the property condition and occupancy of a loan in foreclosure.

The Property Inspection/Occupancy Verification Service examines issues including:

  • Occupancy Verifications (who lives in the property)
  • General Condition
  • Exterior Condition
  • Visible Repairs
  • Vandalism

The goal is to provide greater intelligence on the overall property condition and occupancy status.  This information will help clients determine the best resolution for the situation at hand.