Nationwide License Plate Recognition Service

COMING SOON! Locate vehicles NATIONWIDE using SD Professional Services license plate recognition service.

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We now have access to 6 billion nationwide vehicle sightings, with up to 100 million sightings added each month.

Our license plate recognition system has instant access to current and historical locations of vehicles across the United States.

Vehicle Sightings allows you to:

  • Plot multiple sightings for the same vehicle
  • Discover the most likely locations to find and search for subjects
  • Reveal the predictive travel pattern of subjects
  • Identify potential associates, relationships and contacts
  • Locate subjects who are actively avoiding contact or hiding

Who Will This Service Help?

  • Infideltiy/Cheating Spouse Cases
  • Stolen or Lost Vehicles and Assets
  • Establish Patterns and Time Lines To A Crime
  • Much More!!!!

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