Missing People and Unsolved Disappearances

Missing People and Unsolved Disappearances

We Help With Missing Persons Nationwide

Its’s never too late to find them.  They need to be found and you deserve to know!

At South Dakota Professional Services some of my favorite cases have been helping families locate a missing person. Finding a missing person can be a challenging task for law enforcement and families. As a private investigator we work diligently and exclusively on the case for our clients. This is crucial in a missing persons case, because time is very important factor.

We have two different ways we can help. We offer free services to families to help aid them in their search on top of what law enforcement is doing to locate a missing person. We also take dedicated paid cases to help locate a missing person.

Common Reasons People Contact Us Help With A Missing Person

  • Frustration that law enforcement has stopped looking for a loved one
  • Case has hit a stopping point
  • You have leads that you feel aren’t being taken serious or looked into
  • Law Enforcement will not enter a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) , because they don’t feel the person is missing long enough or isn’t a critical missing

What will we need when you call us

  • Full name of the missing person and nicknames used
  • Last location they were seen, date, approximate time
  • Age and physical description
  • List of friends, relatives, associates you know about
  • Type of work they do or have done
  • Most recent photo you have access to, if possible
  • Name of the law enforcement agency taking report, case number or call number if you have access to it

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