Online Dating Background Check

Online Dating Background Check


More and more people are turning to online dating as their choice to find a mate. Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced world for both young and old.  The dating world may not be the same as you once remembered it, with online dating being the number one choice that people are finding their mate.  What do you really know about the person whose message you have just answered or have been dating for a short time? With an Online Dating Background Check you can choose if that person is worth meeting or giving your precious time to, not to mention safety concerns.

What kinds of searches we provide for our clients in this situation?

  • Local and/or Multi-State Criminal History Searches
  • Local and/or Multi-State Sexual Offenders Registry
  • Marriage and/or Divorce Records
  • Restraining Orders, Probation, and Parole
  • Fact Checking Information Given By the Person and more

With most nationwide searches costing only $49.99 why would you risk your safety and valuable time with out doing a confidential search. Note: All searches are conducted by Licensed Private Investigators.  This is not the same search you will find online by most dating background search companies.

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Free Resource If You Are Online Dating or Chatting With Someone You Just Met Online

Playing it Safe….Questions to ask everyone in general conversation before going out on a date with someone you don’t know.  This is not a third degree, but you can work these questions into phone conversations or online chat to keep yourself safe or as a validation process.

  1. What is your name? Do you have any nicknames?
  2. When is your birthday or what month were you born?
  3. What is your sign?  An oldie but goodie.
  4. Do you have any pets?  What vet do you use or groomer, I’m looking for a good one.
  5. Where did you go to high school or college?  What did you study?
  6. Where were you born?
  7. What do you do for work?  Have you been there long?
  8. What do you do for fun?  Do you belong to any professional organizations or clubs?
  9. Do you have any kids?  How old?
  10. Are you on Facebook?
  11. Do you remember 9-11 or other memorable national or worldwide event?  What were you doing when you heard the news?  Helps give an age check and other good information.

These items are a great start to get information to conduct a Dating Background Check with South Dakota Professional Services or at least to give to a friend or loved one before you meet for the first time in a public place.

Common Scams That People Use Online!!!!

We have all heard or seen the show Catfish.  Unfortunately more and more people are being approached online on valid online dating sites and social media for the purpose of being scammed.  You may think this can’t happen to you, but these scammers make their living doing just this.  It is usually a long process that can take months before the scam takes place.  All the while the scammer is doing this and making a living on other victims at the same time before the scam moves to you.

They play on emotional triggers to get you to provide money, gifts, or personal details!

Here are some warning signs that you may be talking to a scammer.  Again, these items may take months to surface.

  1. Express strong emotion connections to you when you have talked for a short period of time
  2. Suggest you move the relationship to a more private communication such as email, phone, or instant messaging.
  3. Claiming to being or visiting Australia, Europe or other western countries and traveling for business or taking care of a family member overseas.
  4. Not calling you by your given name to soon and calling you “pet names”
  5. Asking for photos or videos of a intimate nature when you have never met
  6. Sending you gifts, money, checks, or maybe valuable items such as a laptop or iPod and asking you to resend it to someone in the United States or overseas.  Take warning to this, it may point to a criminal offence or money laundering scam.
  7. Subtly or indirectly asking for money, gifts or banking/credit card details for a emergency or for a sick child or loved one.
  8. Subtly or indirectly saying they can’t pay for house payment, rent, or car payment due to their check book or wallet being stolen from a robbery or burglary.
  9. Asking you to cash a check or use a credit card, because they can’t for some reason and offering to give you a portion for your trouble. Take warning to this, it may point to a criminal offence.
  10. Claiming they would like to fly to see you or asking you to fly to see them in the States or overseas and they will pay for it.  Offering to let you move in during times of need or taking care of you.  Take warning this could be a sign of Human Trafficking.

Regardless of how the scam takes place remember these are professionals, or predators, and you may fall into this without even knowing it. When in doubt, check the facts and don’t let your good nature land you into financial loss or a unknowing criminal act.

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