Investigations For Business

At South Dakota professional services we conduct investigations for business including:

  • Workers Comp Investigations – Experienced Subrosa Investigator
  • Loss Prevention and Employee Theft
  • Company Information and Embezzlement
  • Time  and Location Fraud
  • Cyber Crimes With In Your Business
  • Data Recovery
  • GPS Tracker Needs For Vehicles
  • Much more!

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Loss Prevention

Loss comes in many forms to a business.  At South Dakota Professional Services we understand the need for your business to make sure your bottom line is not affected.  We have the experience your business needs to investigate shoplifting, employee theft, and ORC (organized retail crime) affecting your  business.  Lets sit down and see how we can help you with your loss control problems.

On Site Evaluations

We will meet with you at your business and go over your loss control issues you are experiencing.  A tailor fix  plan will be conducted to address any issues you may be having such as shoplifting, employee theft, or organized retail crime rings that may be targeting your business.  Possible strategy’s include:

  • Cameras in high theft areas
  • Covert cameras
  • Loss Prevention Agents or Security Officers to address shop lifting issues
  • Training your employees how to reduce theft through great customer service measures
  • Undercover “employees” to discover employee theft or unnecessary waste
  • Discovery of your merchandise being fenced locally or in online auctions or sales
  • These are just a few items we can help you deploy to reduce loss or theft to your business 

Customer Service Shops

At South Dakota Professional Services, we know how crucial the need is for validated and verified information in order to stay on the cutting edge of the marketplace by providing great customer service and maximizing profits.  We provide a neutral, 3rd party, customer evaluation for training purposes or identifying a possible loss control issue.  Periodic Secret Shops will help to ensure that your employees are providing the customers with the service they expect and deserve. You will benefit from the added psychological component of your employees always wondering if the customer in front of them is their Secret Shopper.  You decide whether to inform your employees before the shop or to keep the shop confidential.

Compliance Shops

A Compliance Shop is a useful monitoring tool to ensure your employees are adhering to company guidelines, such as checking identification for liquor or cigarette purchases, giving the customer their receipt, or offering the customer any other information per your company guide lines.  We will cater our shops to your needs at a great price.

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