Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigations

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Nationwide Social Media Investigations

SD Professional Services leads the way in nationwide Social Media Investigations. We are board certified in Cyber Investigations and Social Media Intelligence and have the experience needed for these cases, something you will not find in those free or paid online searches. These searches are automated and conducted by computers with no validation process. Hiring SD Professional Services gets you a Licensed Private Investigator who will validate and quality check the information, something you deserve when using this information for those very important decisions.

Who uses and benefits from a Social Media Investigation?

  • Suspicion of Infidelity / Cheating Spouses
  • Child Support Matters
  • Family Law Matters
  • Employers and Business Partners
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Litigation
  • Discovery For Attorney Clients

Why more clients are starting their investigations with a Social Media Investigations vs. Traditional Surveillance.

  • A comprehensive social media search can save you hours or even weeks of traditional surveillance cost and time
  • Not only are you obtaining information from the subject but also from the subjects friends and family
  • Subjects regularly post items such as friends, vacations, places they visit or upcoming visits, employment, social events, friends/family/love interest, hobbies, physical activities and more!!!

Useful information obtained from Social Media Investigations

  • Establish trends and patterns used by a subject such as friends, places, hobbies, work schedule or place of employment
  • Supplements an ongoing surveillance of a subject without using costly live surveillance hours
  • Tracks a subjects places they frequently visit and who they may be going there with. Something that can take hours to develop with traditional surveillance methods
2.3 Billion Active Monthly Users On Facebook,
1 Billion Active Monthly Instagram Users
335 Million Active Monthly Users On Twitter
300 Million Active Monthly Users On Snapchat

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