South Dakota Professional Services practices transparency in our pricing. Our prices are the same regardless of who the client is, resulting in one reasonable hourly rate, unlike our competitors.  We encourage you to shop our competitors and you will find our experience and prices cannot be beat.  On average our hourly rate is 35% less than our competitors for the same services.

Once details of a possible case are known, we will provide a case strategy and estimated cost. We will then request a retainer equal to the estimated cost. We will not exceed this retainer without client permission and authorization.

First 15 minutes (daily) of phone calls and emails with clients to discuss case status and strategy are always free of charge.

Sometimes we will provide a flat rate price for an investigation. These are typically cases with a narrow focus or scope that can be completed in a short period of time, such as a basic people search or other data base report.  This will provide peace of mind to customers not comfortable with billing on an hourly basis. Feel free to call and discuss your matter, free of charge.  We will work out a solution to fit any budget.

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