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PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector


When you need a detection device that is capable of honing in on a hidden camera, GPS tracker, or a tapped land line, look no further. The DD804 offers more than one feature for zeroing in on your threats so that you are armed with the ability to remove them.

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This electronic bug sweeper quickly and effectively detects everything from spy cameras, wiretaps, real time GPS trackers, telephone transmitters, to the latest Infinity Devices. The included pair of sensitive headphones and intuitive control panel allows you to easily locate the bug. EASY TO OPERATE: You only need one thumb to operate the anti spy detector, which comes in handy when discretion and speed is required. It has one of the highest detection ranges compared to all RF signal detectors in the industry, able to pick up frequencies between 10MHZ-10GHZ. Other devices max out at 6GHZ and are not able to detect modern surveillance equipment.

  • Detects all GSM Bugs including Baby-Monitors/GSM Alarm/GSM Bugs
  • Detects Transmitting Spy Phones
  • Detects GPS Trackers while Transmitting
  • Detects Bluetooth Active Bugging Devices
  • Detects Spy Phones with Active Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Ultra Sensitive will detect signals from up to 40 feet
  • Features 10 bar strength display
  • Detects Serial and Parallel Transmitters
  • Digital ‘Burst’ Signal Detect for all GSM/3G/4G Trackers/SMS(Text) detection
  • Prevents Wire telephone tapping and Laser tapping using a white noise generator
  • Prevents Recordings of a voice recorder, tape, digital and parabolic reflector using white noise generator


  • Product Dimensions: 2.25″ x 4.75″ x 1.00″
  • Weight: 0lb 14oz
  • Detects all GSM, Wi-fi, Bluetooth up to 10GHz
  • Uses digital white noise to prevent unwanted recording devices


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