Spyware or Malware on Cell Phone or Computer

Spyware or Malware on Cell Phone or Computer

Signs To Look For If You May Have Spyware or Malware On Your Phone:

  • Activities on your phone you can’t explain
  • People know things that you have only said in private
  • Rapidly or faster draining of battery
  • Others seems to know your location or activities and should not
  • Phone rings once or several times and no one is there
  • Bizarre sounds, buzz, or static on the line
  • Changes in volume on phone
  • Service vans or company trucks seem to always be parked nearby
  • Messages or text are received in code and have no meaning to you



Signs To Look For If You May Have Spyware or Malware On Your Computer

  • Pop-ups or digital activity on computer that can’t be explained
  • Your computer is processing or moving much slower for no reason
  • Others no things or locations you are and should not
  • Computer applications will close or open with out explanation
  • Missing documents or folders off desktop or moved to another location
  • Find webcam on but you have not recently used it


So What If I Have Spyware or Malware | What Can It Do?

  • Turn on speaker phone or cell phone remotely and eavesdrop on your conversations at home or the office
  • Turn on your home or laptop webcam and watch you remotely and even record your every move
  • Monitor all your activity on your computer. Yes, every keystroke!
  • Copy banking information and passwords or financial data
  • Plant evidence or criminal activity on your phone or computer
  • Copy your contacts, learn who your friends, family and business associates are
  • Use your identity online
  • Monitor your social media or business activity
  • Steal personal data or documents


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